Oklahoma-Breeding & Development Program

What is the Oklahoma Breeding and Development Fund Special Account?

The OBDFSA is an incentive fund which increases income for Oklahoma horse racing and breeding enterprises. Purse supplements, stallion and broodmare awards are paid to owners and breeders of qualifying accredited Oklahoma-Bred horses through a system of restricted and open company races at Oklahoma racetracks. The OBDFSA is funded by unclaimed tickets, breakage and a percentage of the exotic handle. Payouts are based on the handle at each track and vary slightly according to the track and the racing breed. The Program was established by the Legislature in 1983 and, as is required by law, administered by the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission.

What is an accredited Oklahoma-Bred horse?

An accredited Oklahoma-Bred horse is one that is foaled in Oklahoma, is out of a permanently domiciled, accredited Oklahoma-Bred broodmare and is sired by an accredited Oklahoma-Bred stallion. Additionally, in alternating years, foals by non-accredited stallions may be registered as accredited Oklahoma-Bred, providing all other requirements are met (refer to Chapter 75, Oklahoma-Bred Rules). More than 100,000 horses have been registered as accredited Oklahoma-Bred racing stock, broodmares, and stallions through December 31, 2017. Please refer to Chapter 75, Oklahoma-Bred Program, in the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission Rules of Racing or contact the OHRC home office at (405) 943-6472.

What opportunities are there to earn Oklahoma-Bred money?

Each Commission-licensed racetrack in Oklahoma is required to offer as race conditions no less than two Oklahoma-Bred restricted races per day. In addition, tracks offer Oklahoma-Bred money in open company races on an "if eligible" basis when funds allow, and each track offers at least two stakes races restricted to accredited Oklahoma-Bred horses. Some open stakes races offer Oklahoma-Bred purse supplements if eligible. Each time an accredited Oklahoma-Bred earns a purse supplement, the breeder and stallion owner earn Oklahoma-Bred awards.

How much can an accredited Oklahoma-Bred earn?

As much as $7 million has been paid in one year to owners, breeders and stallion owners of accredited Oklahoma-Bred horses. Oklahoma state law provides for the incentive funds and prescribes the purposes for which the money will be paid out by the Commission. For complete information regarding Program rules and requirements please refer to Chapter 75, Oklahoma-Bred Program, in the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission Rules of Racing or contact the OHRC home office at (405) 943-6472.


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The Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission issued a directive at the March 16, 2023 Commission Meeting regarding OAC 325:75-1-19 Embroyo Transfer. 

A link to the directive is below.