Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement Division of the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission is made up of fully sworn and commissioned Law Enforcement Agents. They are tasked with the enforcement of rules and laws governing horse racing and casino gaming at race tracks. They also investigate reports of illegal horse tracks anywhere in the state. It is our mission to preserve the integrity of the sport of horse racing and to ensure that all races and casino gaming are done in a fair and lawful manner.

The Agents assigned to horse racing process and investigate all reports of rule violations and prosecute them in either an administrative setting or, when necessary, in a court of law. They also work closely with track security to ensure the safety of all involved.

The Agents assigned to casino gaming ensure that all electronic gaming machines at the tracks are set up properly to provide fair and equitable gaming for all. Working with Independent Testing Labs, they verify that all games meet the standards set forth in law. They also investigate any reports of violations of state gaming rules or criminal laws. The Agents also conduct background investigations on all individuals who apply to work within the casino gaming area.


Oklahoma Law states: “The officers and agents of the Law Enforcement Division of the Commission, and such other employees as the person in charge of said division shall designate to perform duties in the investigation and prevention of crime and the enforcement of the criminal laws of the state, shall have and exercise all the powers and authority of peace officers, including the right and power of search and seizure.” (OK Title 3A-203.3, C, 2)