Commission Meetings


The Regularly scheduled March 19, 2020 Commission Meeting was canceled.


Via Teleconference

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020, 1:00 p.m.

Meeting Information:

Call in number: (877) 422-8614

Meeting Extension/Code: 1516253

Passcode: 0330

All Commission Members Will Attend Via Teleconference

If the meeting connection is lost after the meeting has been called to order, the meeting will be stopped and an attempt to reconvene the meeting in 30 minutes will be made. If it is not possible to reconnect after thirty minutes, the meeting will be reconvened to April 1st at 2:00pm. Check the agency website for the new call-in information, or contact the Commission at (405)522-8179.

If technical problems prevent the meeting from being called to order, attempts will be made to correct the problem for up to thirty minutes from the start time of the meeting. If it is not possible to correct the problem within the thirty minute period, the meeting will be cancelled. The notice of cancellation and the new meeting information will be posted on the Commission website, or may be available by calling this number:

The REVISED Meeting Agenda has been posted on the Commission Meeting page

If you would like to request the Agenda Packet please email the Executive Director at

325:1-1-20.  Regularly Scheduled Meetings, Special Meetings, Emergency Meetings, and Cancellation of Meetings  The proceedings of all meetings of the Commission shall comply with the provisions of the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, 25 O.S., § 301 et seq.  In the event circumstances require a change in meeting date, time or location or the cancellation of a meeting, the Executive Director shall have the authority to set or change such date, time or location or to cancel any meeting upon prior approval of the Commission Chairman; and shall give as much advance public notice as reasonable and possible under the circumstances and as required by the provisions of the Open Meeting Act [25:311].

325:1-1-21. Meeting Notices  In accordance with the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, 25 O.S., § 311, notice of the date, time, and place of Commission Meetings will be mailed to each person, newspaper, wire service, radio station, and television station that has filed a written request with the Commission for notice of meetings.  Persons or entities filing a written request for notice of meetings may print or download the notice from the Commission website or request to be added to a group e-mail to receive the notice as an e-mail attachment.

325:1-1-22. Procedure for Submitting Requests to be placed on Commission Agendas Any person or entity requesting to be placed on a Commission Meeting agenda must submit a written request reflecting the specific nature of the request and include the requester's name and address.  Such request must be received at the Commission Office pursuant to 325:1-1-14, no later than the deadline date and time for acceptance of agenda requests as prescribed and publicly posted by the Commission.    Agenda matters shall be set by the Chair and the Executive Director by mutual agreement.  If there is no mutual agreement, then the Chair controls.  Any matter which any three or more Commissioners submit a written request reflecting the specific nature of the request, submitted no later than the published deadline date and time, shall be set on the Commission agenda

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